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Laurie Skantzos

Portal(s), 2022-2023

Oil, cold wax and neon paint on shaped plywood  

Assorted sizes

Presented by Spence Gallery, Booth F21

Canadian contemporary artist Laurie Skantzos creates minimalist wall sculptures that she has aptly named Portals. These innovative, mesmerizing, floating Portals with the cast glow of light feel like an alchemy that is almost spiritual.

“I find great joy in exploring color relationships. Through my art, I seek to create a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer, inviting them to step into a world of vibrant color and organic form. My goal is to create pieces that inspire a sense of connection and unity, while also celebrating the unique beauty of each individual piece.”

Using oil, cold wax, and acrylic on shaped plywood, she explores the interplay between solidity and ethereality, form and reflection. Each piece is beveled, the back is painted with a neon colour that reflects off the wall, creating a dynamic interaction between the artwork and its surroundings. The “glow” shifts and changes with the light, adding an extra layer of visual interest and providing new visual insights for viewers depending on the time of day. Her work ranges from playful and bright to subdued and monochromatic, allowing for a wide range of emotional and visual experiences.

As mixed media artist and art educator Laurie’s practice is inspired by the interaction of colour, shape, and application. Since pursuing Fine Art at the University of Waterloo, she has been an active member of the art community in her town of Guelph, Ontario while exhibiting extensively across North America, Europe, and Asia where her work has been acquired by several significant private collectors.  Publicly, her work can be found in The Art Gallery of Guelph Collection, The Aimia Collection in Toronto and hotel Collections.

Works include: Portal – Ocean Dreaming, Portal – White on White, Portal – Pink on Pink, & Portal – Evening Sky