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Mads Christensen

Campfire, 2022

Presented by Timothy Yarger Fine Art

Mads Christensen has cultivated his creative prowess to imagine visual and emotional experiences using Light as Medium. Trained as an electrical engineer, his sculptures are a fusion of his uniquely written software and the intangible qualities of his artistic practice. Christensen remarks, “ … the transitions between day and night, and night and day, are deeply meaningful to us on a basic existential level and a direct emotional connection to our brains. My work pulls from these fundamental entities, expressing light and time in new ways that remind us where we all came from.”

Campfire is in the shape of a torch-like vessel composed of 12 highly polished steel “ribs”, their curved interior surfaces embedded with LED lights, serving as a canvas for the artist’s slowly changing compositions of form, color and light. During the day, the mirrored exterior surfaces of the sculpture interact with the environment, capturing and reflecting the natural light and changing atmospheric conditions. Come nightfall, the interior surfaces of the sculpture glow in a slowly moving composition of changing forms and color. The composition was inspired by the Laurie Anderson quote, “Technology is the Campfire around which we tell our stories.”

Mads Christensen
Campfire, 2021
Presented by Timothy Yarger Fine Art, D25
LED light panels, mirror-polished stainless steel, acrylic, computer, custom written software
Available in various sizes