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Mads Christensen

Lucent Revelations, 2023

LEDs, Acrylic, Custom Software

96 x 14 x14

Presented by Timothy Yarger Fine Art, Booth F17

Reflecting upon Mads Christensen’s monumental sculpture Cathedral of Mirrors (2017), which was awarded the best light sculpture in Europe, Mads took inspiration to include visible light sources, transparent surfaces and the dynamic flow of information while incorporating the new evolution of artificial intelligence and directing it’s flow of information toward maintaining human connection. Embedded into the provocative visual experience are more than 150 words that we all know and recognize as the foundation of connectivity.

Mads Christensen has cultivated his creative prowess to create visual and emotional experiences using light as medium. Trained as an electrical engineer, the sculptures are a fusion of his uniquely written software and the intangible qualities of his artist practice. Following in the footsteps of groundbreaking artists exploring this medium such as James Turrell, Doug Wheeler, Dan Flavin, and Olafur Eliasson, Christensen is recognized by collectors and museum professionals as possessing vast and palpable creativity, technical expertise and visual sophistication to perpetuate this fascinating evolution of light as art.