Peasant Red

Jack Wolfe

Peasant Red, 2022

Presented by CK Contemporary

From the establishment perspective, Jack Wolfe was one of the most promising young artists of the 1950’s. He was recognized as such by, among other organizations, The Whitney Museum of American Art, The Carnegie Institute, The American Federation of Arts, and The Institute of Contemporary Art in Boston. He was alternately described as an American inheritor of French cubism; a logical descendant of Picassio; a counterpart to the abstract expressionists; and a synthesizer of diverse formalist traditions. Many of his early works, for example his portrait of Lincoln, “Witness – 1962,” were acclaimed by critics and collectors. However, he stopped showing in commercial galleries and withdrew from the art scene. Since his renunciation of these “career” aspects of his work, until his death in 2007, he continued to paint in his studio in Stoughton MA, creating a diverse and substantial body of work largely free from the influence of commerce.

Jack Wolfe
Peasant Red, 1962
Presented by CK Contemporary, A07
Oil on Canvas
80″ x 72″