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The Creative as Mapmaker: The Black Atlantic in the Bay Area

Group exhibition curated by Hannah Waiters, 2024

Presented by Black (Space) Residency

The Creative as Mapmaker: The Black Atlantic in the Bay Area surveys artists who route ways through buried histories, memories of migration, archives, and imaginary landscapes without boundaries and lines. The title refers to the idea that every place, with or without an atlas, is like a myth – experiencing these links allows us to return to bodies beyond. This group of works from Black (Space) Residency alums is stewarded by Hannah Waiters, who draws on a selection of ambitious works by Bay Area artists who wander using a diverse array of materials. The research-driven Bay Area artists Trina M. Robinson, Mansur Nurullah, and Charles Lee seek to reimagine cartography and new tools for conceptual mapping strategies to reach around the globe, teaching us to locate ourselves in the world.  

How does mapping a memory mirror our cities and civic histories, bridging networks and ecosystems? The works in this exhibition demonstrate cartography as an artistic medium fielding new worlds through the past, present, and future. Connected by the field, the archive, entangled histories, walks, the map as a remembrance, and process-based creations, artists collectively approach art as a travelog reflecting on landmarks collaborating with the dead.

Exhibiting Artists:
Charles Lee
Mansur Nurullah
Trina M. Robinson