Jenifer K. Wofford Rupture 11, 2021 ink on acrylic on paper 20x16 (1)

Endurance: Attachments

Group exhibition curated by John Lindsey, 2024

Presented by The San Francisco Art Dealers Association

Endurance: Attachments is a curated group exhibition of SFADA Member galleries not otherwise exhibiting at the San Francisco Art Fair. 

In life and in our work, we feel comforted by the presence of our support systems. Having endured the crushing grip of the pandemic and its effect on our health and mental well-being, we seek solace in creative outlets – whether we create – or support those who do. Challenging times breed deep, thoughtful works of art. Attachments make people feel safe and emboldened by having someone to rely on to meet these challenges. A major tenant of SFADA as a collective group is our constant striving to advance the visual arts by investing in our artists, our fellow Members, and our community. We are more than just a random group of art professionals; we are also synergistic colleagues who support and depend upon each other. 

In Endurance: Attachments, we are excited to represent this core principle by sharing our collective programming representing the diversity of our SFADA Member galleries, and artists, that make the San Francisco Bay Area an important cultural center and a beacon for persistent creativity. We are an integral part of its rejuvenation, creating attachments with art lovers and artists as we navigate out of these troubled waters.