Christopher Martin Portrait 61

Chris Martin

Blood for Forgiveness, 2022

Presented by Hashimoto Contemporary

Christopher Martin is a southern-raised multi-media artist from North Carolina, currently working in Oakland and San Francisco. Through his art, Martin tells the story of a young man coming from the South. While attending school at North Carolina A&T for graphic design, Martin was prone to create hand cut and sewn banners with logo-like images to tell a story relevant to his own culture and history. With cotton representing the toil/labor of those captured in the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade, Martin hand-cuts and sews tapestry pieces that are representative of the modern-day experience of the African diaspora.

Martin has exhibited at the Fort Wayne Museum of Art (Fort Wayne, IN), the San Francisco Art Institute (San Francisco, CA),  and Pt. 2 Gallery (Oakland, CA.)

Chris Martin
Blood For Forgiveness, 2021
Presented by Hashimoto Contemporary, E11
240 in x 96 in